We have found out that between 1845 and 1855 300 people of the Montabaur region emigrated into Texas. Among the founders of the city of Fredericksburg were the families: Johann Meurer from Heiligenroth, Peter Pehl from Holler, Jakob Metzger, Joh. Friedrich Metzger and Johann Metzger from Kadenbach, Peter Fuchs from Neuhäusel, Johann Keller, Johann Klein, Johann Leyendecker, Christian Vogel and Anton Kraus from Niederelbert..
On June 29th,1995 the council of the borough of Montabaur approved on having a partnership with the city of Fredericksburg.
A party of 40 people from the borough of Montabaur took part in the 150th anniversary of the foundation of Fredericksburg. During the festivities the twinning documents were signed by Mrs Linda Langerhans, mayor of Fredericksburg and by Herr Dr. Paul Possel-Dölken, mayor oft the borough of Montabaur. That was to certify the links of a wonderful friendship.

Best wishes for this first partnership of the borough of Montabaur.

Niederelbert, March 1997
Inge Wick



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