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Meanwhile the idea of founding a partnership between Frederickburg and Montabaur cropped up, as more than 300 people of the Montabaur region had emigrated to Texas from 1845 to 1847.
n 1993 Ilse and Norbert Reisewitz visited their relatives in Houston. Mrs. Reisewitz being the third councilor of the borough of Montabaur she was asked by mayor Dr. Possel-Dölken to visit the city of Fredericksburg. There they met Ken Knopp, who had already established personal links with the Westerwald.
On February 23rd, 1994 the "Circle of friends of Texas" was founded. Some time later, on April 12th, 1994 this group became the nucleus of the German-Texan Association Montabaur-Fredericksburg e. V. Its first president is Ilse Reisewitz, its vice-president is Gerhard Wick.
This association aims at establishing and maintaining contacts with the descendants of the emigrants and it will help to organize exchanges of schools and clubs.
The councilors of the borough of Montabaur favored the idea of a partnership and in their meeting of Juno 29th, 1995 they decided on actually founding a partnership with the city of Fredericksburg/Texas.
A party of 40 people from the Montabaur region took part in the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Fredericksburg on May 8th 1996. On the occasion of that festival the documents of the Sister-City treaty were signed by the two mayors Linda Langerhans for Fredericksburg and Dr. Possel-Dölken for the borough of Montabaur. They confirm cordial links of friendship.

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